Household Cleaning Tips

 On average, we spend nearly 40 minutes a day cleaning our homes. And, with the exception of those who truly find dusting their baseboards and scrubbing their ovens akin to bliss, most people are likely eager to use that time for more enjoyable activities.

Done Cleaning!

Luckily, there’s hope: here are a few house cleaning tricks that will make your home twice as clean in half the time!

  1. Clean Your Blender With Soap – pour some warm water, a little baking soda, and a little dish soap in your blender and pulse it for a few seconds. Afterward, give it a good rinse or pop it in the dishwasher to get it looking like brand new once again.
  2. Make Your Sink Fixtures Gleam With Wax Paper – after sanitizing with an antibacterial cleanser, polish those faucets and tap handles with some wax paper. Not only will this help remove water spots, the wax will help prevent future stains, as well.
  3. Clean Out Your Coffee Maker With Some Vinegar – fill your coffee maker’s reservoir with a few tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with water, run it, and run it once more with only water to ditch any lingering vinegar smell.
  4. Keep Your Washer Smelling Fresh With Bleach – run it with a combination of hot water and a quart of bleach and opt for the sanitize setting. So long, funky-smelling clothes!
  5. Skip the Traditional Mop – ditch your traditional mop in favor of a microfiber duster and you’ll make your home cleaner and less contaminated in no time. After you’re done vacuuming, use a bit of cleaner on a single-use or washable microfiber pad to clean your floors, surfaces, and even your electronics with ease—and without getting your hands dirty.

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