About Us

Our Company

We are a full-service Personal Assistant and Concierge company.  Our goal is to give you back your free time to enjoy as you wish, knowing that your daily tasks and chores are being taken care of.

Our Team

Debbie has worked in the Project/Program Management field since 2008, working with companies such as Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Google.

She has always been the “go-to” planner for vacations, projects, and travel. When she founded Bright Blue Services in 2018, she was able to take all her management and planning experience and put them to use for a wider audience. Her passions include travel, off-road adventures, photography, and diving.

Jesse has excelled in the technology and software industry for 20+ years, working with multiple industry leaders in and around the Seattle area.

As a co-founder for Bright Blue Services, he is responsible for background operations and contractor management. His free time is spent in the garage with a myriad of projects, including woodworking, 3D Printing, and welding. He also enjoys off-road adventures and navigation.